Snow Jam ’82

Atlanta, Georgia
Tuesday, January 12, 1982

Several years ago, after telling my story of what happened during Atlanta’s Snow Jam ’82 ‘a hundred times,’ I decided I’d dig around on the internet and find tons of information and—of course—lots of pictures. To my surprise, there was very little online about this unique day. Enter A place to gather photos, tell the stories and have some fun remembering Snow Jam ’82!

Snow Jam 82 photos, pictures and stories at

Crazy Weather, Great Stories!

The thousands who were part of this wacky weather event will never forget the day. Were you stuck at the office for two days? Did you slide off I-85? Or were you trapped in the ‘parking lot’ on I-285 and forced to walk home? Relive your memories and share them here.

Many were stranded by Snow Jam ’82. At least one person was married in the midst of the storm, and another was actually born during the chaos! Check out all the reader-submitted memories of this weird Winter event from 1982.

Share Your Stories and Photos

If you have a story or picture from Snow Jam ’82, please . Have printed photos, but no scanner? Contact me; I’ll be happy to scan them for you and return them. Check back soon for updates.

Thousands stranded in or affected by Atlanta’s Snow Jam 2014 (Jan. 28, 2014 ... Snowpocalypse? Snowmageddon?) may have been surprised to know that it happened here before, but it did. Those of us who experienced the 1980’s version are surprised at how easily history repeated itself. Through the many stories shared on there are many lessons that can (and should be!) learned from the infamous 1982 winter storm. And with the long-range Atlanta 2014-15 winter forecast calling for colder and wetter than normal conditions, could we see another repeat of Snow Jam ’82? Hopefully not!

More Information

Though I didn’t find a ton of information on the interwebs, there is some. Here’s what I have found so far for Snow Jam ’82 information and pictures of the storm. (And while lots of folks search for ‘Snow Jam 1981’ or ‘Snow Jam 81,’ the ‘official’ Atlanta Snow Jam was in 1982. Not too sure what happened weather-wise in 1981...)

December 21, 2014