Snow Jam ’82 Photos!

Looking for Snow Jam 82 (Atlanta) Photos!

Looking for Pictures of Snow Jam ’82!

Please share your story and photos... !

Since starting this site in 2008, my goal has been to collect and share stories and images of Snow Jam ’82. In January 2022, forty years after the original Atlanta Snow Jam, the AJC interviewed yours truly—and graciously shared the wonderful photos below for use here. Note that the original Snow Jam images—some even in color 🤣—are below.

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Here are a few (more) pictures from around Atlanta during the storm...

71 Chevy Vega in Snow Jam 82, Atlanta

Not only did Ed Stembridge send this picture of his 71 Chevy Vega taking a break during Snow Jam ’82, he also sent the story of his experience during the big 80’s Atlanta snow storm. Thanks, Ed.

Snow Jam 82 - Johnson Ferry Rd / East Cobb / Marietta GA

Colleen Mesler sent this great photo of Snow Jam ’82 showing cars stranded along Johnson Ferry Road in Marietta/East Cobb County. Thanks Colleen!

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Atlanta drivers looking at stuck cars during Snow Jam 82

Cars abandoned on an exit ramp on I-285 during Snow Jam 82 with drivers walking up the ramp

Snow Jam ’82 Stories  |  (My Snow Jam ’82 Story)

Two Hondas handling Snow Jam 82 well on Atlanta's slippery streets

Downtown Atlanta blanketed with winter precipitation in Snow Jam 82

Looking down at the old Atlanta train depot in the midst of Snow Jam 82

Snow Jam 82 - Brothers sledding in the snow

Thanks to Keith Black for this photo of him and his bother Steven sledding in their Atlanta neighborhood during Snow Jam ’82.

Charles Atkeison during Snow Jam 82

Atlanta’s Charles Atkeison sent in this photo of him and his mom in Tucker, Ga. during Snow Jam ’82. Charles says, “I remember the snow and ice—and snow and ice build up.” Thanks for sharing your photo, Charles.

A few cars and pedestrians getting around slick streets in Snow Jam 82

Snow Jam ’82 Stories  |  (My Snow Jam ’82 Story)

Parked cars on Atlanta's side streets during Snow Jam 82

Kids sledding down the streets in Atlanta's famous 'Snow Jam 82'

Atlanta’s ’73 Ice Storm

Sunday, January 7, 1973

Though not part of Snow Jam ’82, many of us were in Atlanta in 1973 when a massive ice storm caused widespread and prolonged power outages. Here’s a news video from that 70’s winter event here in Georgia. (If you find video from Snow Jam ’82, let me know!)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what are a thousand words worth? Don’t know! But I do know you should read some of these user-submitted Snow Jam ’82 stories! (Or this one from yours truly.)